We survived 2011!!

Sunday, January 01, 2012 - Me, Music
We survived 2011!!

Today was not just the first day of 2012, but also mine and Jaime’s first anniversary!

It was an interesting day.  We slept late, we watched a couple movies, and I lost his card.  Yep.  I lost the card I bought for our first anniversary.

Chasing Cars Calligraphy Lyrics

Chasing Cars Calligraphy Lyrics

In my defense, though, I bought the card before we ever got married because it was just too perfect to pass up!  I can’t believe I lost it…  I had it a month or so ago.  :-(  Well, I’ll find it sooner or later.

So, I’m off for the next two days, and I’m hoping to get in plenty of reading time and work on some posts for my site.  I know I’ve been extremely neglectful of both my sites and the challenges, but I’m going to do what I can.

Anyways, time to harass my hubby!  ^_^

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