Entry: Read the Bible 2012

Wednesday, January 04, 2012 - Book Reading
Entry: Read the Bible 2012

If you read my post last night, then you know that I’m planning to reread the Bible this year.  Yes, the entire Bible.  I’ve done it before a few times, but I’m not really one of those “memorize random passages” people who can quote parts back to you like a parrot.  I just find it to be an interesting read.

As a wedding present, my Aunt Gael and Uncle Butch gave Jaime and me a beautiful edition with our names embossed on the cover.  It’s a MacArthur Study Bible and I’m looking forward to reading this particular edition.

Wait, aren’t you an Atheist?

Why, yes.  Yes, I am.

Then why are you reading the Bible?

Why not?  As I mentioned above, it’s an interesting read and I’ve read it before.

Anyways, on to the Challenge.  For anyone who might be considering doing this challenge with me, click the picture:

Read the Bible 2012

Read the Bible 2012

Well…  Pretty much everything I want to say about the challenge has already been said above and on the page for everyone to sign up.

If you’re doing the challenge with me, good luck!  ^_^

Occasionally Important Information:

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Challenge: Read the Bible 2012

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