Anonymous, SOPA, PIPA, MegaUpload, and AirDroid

Thursday, January 19, 2012 - Thoughtful Thursday
Anonymous, SOPA, PIPA, MegaUpload, and AirDroid

So, today is Thoughtful Thursday…  You know, one of those new day memes that I’m going to use to try to post a little more regularly.  So, what am I thinking about today?

Well, if you happened upon my site yesterday, you’ll know that I participated in the internet strike/blackout.  If you look at the upper right corner of your page, you’ll see a “STOP SOPA” ribbon.  It’s kind of small.  :-/  When I get a chance, I’ll either find a new plug-in with a different/larger ribbon, or see if I can edit the plug-in that I’m using to display that ribbon to make it larger.

By the way, Wednesdays will be “Wrathful Wednesday” but I figured SOPA deserved my wrath yesterday, so instead of a post I joined the strike!  ^_^

Don’t know what SOPA and PIPA are?  Where the hell have you been?!  Obviously not on the internet!  For crying out loud, people – even Wikipedia participated in the strike and blacked out for the day!

Fine, you don’t know what they are…  Watch this video:

Okay, did that clear a few things up for you?  Good.

So, what do Anonymous and MegaUpload have to do with SOPA and PIPA?  Well, MegaUpload was taken down today.  There are plenty of news articles available to see the who, what, when, where, and why of MegaUpload’s demise, but considering how certain events happened before the passing of SOPA and PIPA kind of proves that these bills are unnecessary.

And Anonymous, oh those kids…  They decided to retaliate.  I’ve been watching their twitter and reading various articles/claims and whatnot about their antics.  These guys took down the FBI site along with several others!

FBI Down

FBI Down -- click for larger image

Anonymous, while entertaining me, isn’t really doing much for the cause.  Granted, this will cause the uneducated masses to panic, as I mentioned on the social networks.  You know what, xkcd says it better that I ever could…

XKCD: Hackers and CIA

XKCD: Hackers and CIA -- ©Randall Munroe at

So, yes, essentially, all Anonymous is doing is a little bit of cosmetic vandalism, but the masses will assume that the world is doomed, the FBI has been hacked, all their personal information is now in the hands of criminals, and whatever else they can imagine that would be bad for them…



So, yeah…  There’s been just a little bit of everything centered around the internet, piracy, privacy, and vandalism today.  On one of the videos I watched there was a comment that said something like this:

Child: Grandpa, how did World War 3 start?

Grandpa: Well, the feds took down a site called MegaUploads, so a group called Anonymous took down the feds.

That quote isn’t quite right because I don’t remember which video it was on, which commenter posted it, or even which site the video was on, but that was the gist of it.  I thought it was pretty darn funny.  Especially since Anonymous is calling this Cyber War 2012.

So, that’s pretty much it for the war coverage…  Now onto something that really made me happy!

AirDroid!  ^_^  When I got my new phone (Motorola Droid Pro) I immediately downloaded several apps.  When my niece wanted to play with it, I looked for several age appropriate (she’s only two) games.  Most of which received the rating of “I don’t like that one” from her.  Well, while she was wanting to play with it, I didn’t take the time to uninstall the apps that she didn’t like.  I had tons of apps downloaded just for her that she didn’t like at all and I wasn’t looking forward to uninstalling them one by one on the phone.  No matter how awesome it is, it just isn’t as simple as doing things on a computer.

So, hoping beyond hope, I hopped onto the Android Market on my desktop to see if I could delete them off my phone from the website.  Well, I couldn’t.  I did discover that I could install apps to my phone from my computer, though.  I think I installed 20 new apps while playing in the market.  :-p  Then, finally, I did a search for the type of app that I didn’t believe would exist.  An app that would allow me to manage apps from my computer.

Low and behold, AirDroid was there.  AirDroid was free.  AirDroid miraculously installed itself with a click of the mouse.  :-p  AirDroid let me access my phone from my broswer and lets me do all kinds of interesting things, including uninstall apps from my phone!  Now, while uninstalling them I do still have to click “okay” on the phone, but everything else is done from the browser!  I love it!



So what do I think about AirDroid?

If you have an Android, you should have AirDroid!  ^_^

Seriously, though, I love this app!  I was able to drop my ringtones into the correct folder and before AirDroid, I didn’t even realize they were in the wrong folder!  I thought I just hadn’t put them on my phone yet!  I can also back up apps, pictures, files, and put things onto my phone as well.  The only requirement is that your phone and computer have to be on the same wireless connection.

So, here ends my first “Thoughtful Thursday” and I think I dropped enough of my thought in your lap for one day.  What about you?

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