Crazy Minute

Saturday, January 21, 2012 - Meaningless, Thoughts
Crazy Minute

So, I’m going to have a crazy minute to complain about things that I really don’t need to complain about…

For example.  Jaime and I seldom go out.  We don’t go to clubs or bars, we don’t go on dates, we don’t go for walks in the park, and we don’t sit on our front porch and just enjoy the sunset.

This kind of upsets me.  But then I realize that I don’t really like any of those things.  It’s only when I see or hear about one of my friends going out with their significant others that I feel like I’m missing something.  It’s kind of frustrating because I sit here thinking, “Why doesn’t Jaime take me to go do those things?  Does he not like going out with me?  Is he ashamed of me?  Am I that boring?!”

Well, yes, I am that boring.  But that’s not the point!

Then I stop.  “Wait a minute.  I don’t like bars!  The smoke is disgusting and I can’t breath for ages after I go to one.  He doesn’t like bars either, so it’s not like he’s going without me.  And I don’t like going out in public or even really going to the park because of bugs and the potential for sunburn.  We don’t sit on our porch because of the mosquitoes.  And we don’t go out often because we’re saving money and I don’t like being in public!  Boy am I crazy!”

I'm Crazy

I'm Crazy -- clicking the picture will bring you to the original

So, yeah.  That’s my crazy moment.  If I really wanted to go out, it might take a little cajoling, but I’m sure I could get him to go occasionally.  The plain fact is, though, that I don’t want to…  I’m just crazy sometimes.

On the plus side, though, I don’t whine about him never taking me anywhere only to be miserable when he does take me places. Therefore, the time we do spend together is spent doing things we both like to one degree or another.  Cuddling up watching a movie, talking, and playing in the kitchen among other things.  :-)

Also, the above conversations that I have with myself all take place in my mind and usually in the space of a minute or so.  Crazy is good.  Instantaneous crazy is better.  :-p

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