The Bored Butt

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - Tuesday Tunes
The Bored Butt

We’re going to throw in something a little crazy this time!  How many of you have heard Cajun or Zydeco music?  Not nearly enough of you.  I was born and raised in Louisiana.  My dad’s side of the family is Cajun.  My sister married into some self-proclaimed coon-asses.

Me?  I’m neither.  I’m a Louisiana girl who speaks properly, without an accent (according to most people), and likes the food.  The music, though…  I love Cajun music!  And I love Cajun dancing!  Nothing beats it.  :-D  So, for all you uninitiated saps out there, enjoy!

Horace Trahan: That Butt Thing

Yes, you read that correctly.  The name of the song is “That Butt Thing” and it’s awesome!  There isn’t actually a video for this song, and if you were to go to Youtube the uploader says that the person singing is Wayne Toups.  She is wrong, but I was too lazy to upload the song myself.  I don’t know who the guy in the picture for the video is or who Trevor is, but the song plays well.

Well, what did you think?!  My favorite part is the accordion.  I love the sound of accordions!

That Butt Thing

That Butt Thing

Paramore: Brick By Boring Brick

Another Paramore song?  I know, I posted one last week.  But they’re awesome and I just recently discovered that there was a video for this song!  ^_^

My favorite parts are the simple “ba da ba ba da ba ba da” sections.  That’s what stays stuck in my head all day for days on end!

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