Waking Up

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - Wrathful Wednesday
Waking Up

Ugh, the worst part of the day is waking up!

My brain is foggy, I’m usually cold in spite of whatever temperature the house is, and I can’t ever remember anything!  It doesn’t matter what time I wake up or if it’s from a nap or all night sleep.  It just sucks!

If I could sleep all day every day year round, I probably would just to bypass the waking up problems!

On the plus side, once I’m a little awake, I have a living alarm clock!  Lissie will pummel me awake with her overly-violent cuddles…



Yep, that’s my Lissie.  Beating the snot out of my bladder one morning…  If that’s not going to get me out of bed, I don’t know what will!

Anyways, my brain wasn’t functioning well enough to remember any of the topics I had for Wrathful Wednesday (or where the notebook I jotted down some ideas disappeared to) so I figured I would complain about this instead.

One day, I will conquer this issue of waking up!  Until then, that is the worst part of the day for me.  :-(

Oh, quick note!  I don’t know who follows my twitter or goodreads, but in case you didn’t notice it, I finished a couple books yesterday and one super early this morning.  Reviews will be coming soon.  ^_^  One of them will probably be this evening after work!

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