Walt Disney’s Cinderella

Monday, January 30, 2012 - Book Reading
Walt Disney’s Cinderella

Back of the Book:

In her haste to flee the palace before the magic of the fairy godmother loses effect, Cinderella leaves behind one clue to her identity.

Pages: 44

Published: 1974-09-12

Format Read: real book

[xrr rating=5.0/5]

The very worst thing about this book is that they eliminate the first shoe shattering. That was one of those “oh no!” moments in the movie that really worries us as youngsters, but they didn’t include it in the book. :-(

The very best thing about this book is the simplicity of it. It’s enough to hold the attention of a two-year-old (or a 27-year-old – me) because the story is fun, but simple.

I read this to my niece twice last week before her naptime and she loved it! So did I, for that matter! She was even more excited that the copy I read to her was hers to keep. :-) What can I say? My girl takes after her Aunt Lishy in her love of books!!!

Occasionally Important Information:

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