It all started with a Big Bang!

Thursday, February 09, 2012 - Thoughtful Thursday
It all started with a Big Bang!

So, I’ve been catching up on “The Big Bang Theory” recently.  That means I started with season one, episode one and am now on season four, episode ten.  This series constantly makes me think.

Mostly I think, “hmmm, these guys are fairly stereotypical nerds and they’re constantly referencing movies/tv shows that I know I would enjoy if I ever got around to watching them.”

So, my very short Thoughtful Thursday consisted of me trying to determine what show to watch (start to finish) after I’m caught up with TBBT.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

I decided on “Star Trek: The Original Series” mostly because I’ve never seen any Star Trek episodes and because all except for two episodes from this show are available on Netflix.  Also, I’m sure I can find the remaining two episodes elsewhere on the internet.  :-)

So, yeah, other than conversing with a coworker about our mutual desire to put our children into Catholic schools, that’s about all that’s actually occupied my mind today.

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