Best Love Song Ever

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 - Tuesday Tunes
Best Love Song Ever

So, these two song titles are a little goofy to me.  To me it’s like calling a restaurant “The Restaurant” instead of giving it a real name.  But whatever, both songs are great!

I also like the coincidence where in each video the singer is in a music player of some kind.  ^_^

Katie Armiger: Best Song Ever

This is a cute song and video, although it’s kind of a break-up song.  I think.  It seems like she might be willing to forgive him.  After all, she calls his love song the “best song ever.”

I don’t know, I’m probably crazy.  Regardless, I like the song!

Miss Crazy Cat Lady

Miss Crazy Cat Lady

Sara Bareilles: Love Song

I think I remember hearing that she wrote this song because her record label demanded that she write a love song when she didn’t want to.  Either way, it’s a good song!

The video is goofy.  Good goofy, but still goofy.  :-p

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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