Trying out the Diary of 5

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - Guided Journal
Trying out the Diary of 5
Diary of 5

Diary of 5

I am seeing… Lissie sleeping on the reading bed with her arm stretched out awkwardly.

I am hearing… my husband play SubSpace.

I am smelling… chicken baking from the kitchen.

I tasted… the tea that I made a little earlier this evening.  (I really do love my tea maker, mom!)

I am feeling… a bit frustrated because of that One Tree Hill episode I just watched.

I wasn’t feeling all that wrathful this Wednesday, so I figured it was a good time to try out the Diary of 5.  Check it out and maybe give it a shot yourself!

Occasionally Important Information:

Trying out the Daybook

2 thoughts on “Trying out the Diary of 5


Thank You for stopping by Blessing the Elements!! I love Diary of 5 because it makes me stop, look around and listen:) Often times changing the mood for the day when I find myself “Grateful” for life…
~~Peace & Love & Joy & Blessings~~

Reecea Henderson

Glad you like the Diary of 5. Enjoyed reading your post. I love the smell of things baking in the kitchen:)


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