Woo! I did it!

Saturday, March 31, 2012 - Site Plans
Woo!  I did it!

I also, quite literally, just hollered so loud that I scared all three cats.  o_O

My website is finally transferred completely over!  Well, with the exception of the StatPress plugin data, but the GoDaddy servers continuously timed out when I tried to export that data.  However, I am now officially hosted at FatCow.

My domain name is still technically registered at GoDaddy, but the transfer is in progress.  Also, since I had to renew the domain through GoDaddy for a year to be able to transfer to FatCow and I get a free year from FatCow, I have hosting and a domain name for another two years!  ^_^

So, I’m mentally exhausted from this process…  But it’s finished, for the most part, and I’m happy.  Hopefully FatCow will live up to the many good reviews I’ve read and be a nice home for me.  At the very least it was a great price for two years.  (Well under $100 spent for everything including the year I had to pay for the domain.)

If you come across any weird errors, please let me know!  :-)

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