My Rambling Autobiography: Part II

Monday, August 06, 2012 - Me, Scribbles, Thoughts
My Rambling Autobiography: Part II

Well, I’ve done this before, but I’ve been meaning to come back and have another go at it.  Like before, if it’s in block quotes (like this first section) then it’s not part of the ramble and was added after the fact.  Enjoy!

I only enjoy the company of a few select people.  I can tolerate others and even enjoy time with other people, but willingly seeking out someone’s company is a rare occurrence for me.  I work in a very social environment and should be able to handle people better, but I’m a decent actress, I guess.  I think I’m mean, but most people disagree with me.  Probably because they can’t see what’s going on in my head.  If you tell me something, I judge you.  I judge everything.  I may not judge you the way you would expect me to judge you, but I do judge you.  Oh, you did something stupid?  Well, it could have been worse and I bet you learned something, good job.  Not sarcastic.  Oh, you did something “safe,”  you’re an idiot for more reasons than I can count.  No, not everything “safe” get’s judged as idiotic, but you don’t learn much from safe, do you?

Judging You

Judging You

On the other hand, I do a lot of things just because they’re safe.  For example, I don’t taunt serial killers.  Well, not often.  But I don’t do something only because it’s safe.  I like stability, structure, regularity, and quiet.  My husband is obscene, loud, obnoxious, a bad influence, and too many wonderful things to list!  I love him for everything he is – including his bad qualities.  I’m compulsive, obsessive, impulsive, and dysfunctional, but I tend to keep it mostly to myself.  I don’t hide who I am behind anything, I just keep my own problems to myself.

I don’t like to share anything, but I usually offer because of social necessity.  If I do something, I usually have a reason, no matter how miniscule.  I believe that there’s a reason for everything, but not in a religious sense.  There is no god, but everything that happens is because someone caused it.  It may be intentional, it may not be, but it’s caused by someone and there is an outcome that will have to be dealt with.

My cats recognize the word treat, and if you ask them if they want one, they go sit in the kitchen near their treat bucket and wait for me.  Leeroy will try to steal them out of the bucket and my hand.  Lissie will wait near the hall until you toss them to her.  Casper will wait until you toss them out for the other cats and then rub against you for his small pile of treats.  My cats are a large part of my life and their moods, actions, and attitudes will shape my day.  We recently got a few reptiles – a Tokay gecko called Ted and a Ball Python called Cruella.  The cats are fascinated with them, therefor I’m fascinated as well.  When Jaime has a full cage of crickets for Ted, I am lulled to sleep by their music.

I keep getting interrupted (Jaime and cats) so I’m going to call it quits for now and do part three another day.

Occasionally Important Information:

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