Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

  • Dear world, At 100.1*F, I am way too hot to handle right now. Also, I feel icky… Sincerely, Me #
  • @CaseyALewis Baking soda in the tub works when I'm itchy and it's not nearly as messy as an oatmeal bath. #
  • I really hate our couch… I spent most of the day on the stupid couch feeling bad and now I'm going soak in the tub.… #
  • @choochoobear My feral kitty is the same way. She finally wants cuddles (on her terms only) but she knows the exits and wants no fast moves. #
  • Dear creepy old guys, Grabbing the diamond on my hand and proclaiming "too late" after asking me to take you home is… #
  • +Cruella Terry is a silly snake. Saturday, +Jaime Terry fed her two rats. One she ate immediately. The other kept… #
  • Dear dumbass in the white truck, Driving while holding your door open to prevent people from passing you is not only… #
  • Dinner is still chilling in +Cruella Terry 's cage while she's up a tree. O_o #SillySnake #SillyRat #Python #Feeder… #

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