Wrap-Up: Chunkster Challenge 2012

Tuesday, January 01, 2013 - Book Reading
Wrap-Up: Chunkster Challenge 2012

While I certainly read many much longer books, they were in ebook form and I can’t count them.  *pout*  Also, there may be more DTE books that I read that would fit this challenge, but I didn’t make note of them as I was reading so I’m not sure.  :-/

Chunkster Challenge 2012

Chunkster Challenge 2012

  1. “Dragonheart” by Todd J. McCaffrey — 538 pages
  2. “Dragongirl” by Todd J. McCaffrey — 482 pages

As I said, I did read several books that would qualify if I hadn’t read them as ebooks, so knowing that I would have completed this challenge at the top level I don’t feel too bad about failing this challenge.  It is disappointing to know that I didn’t even manage to win the Chubby Chunkster level, though.  :-(

Occasionally Important Information:

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