Entry: What An Animal Reading Challenge VI 2013

Thursday, January 03, 2013 - Book Reading
Entry: What An Animal Reading Challenge VI 2013

This just looked adorable.  I have a few cute pet-related books I had picked up to read with my niece, but it specifically says that it can even be about people turning into animals and that clinched it!  Animorphs will rule this challenge!  :-D

The What an Animal Reading Challenge V ends on February 28, 2013. I’m starting the new challenge a bit earlier because I want the begin and end dates to be the same as my other challenges (it’s easier for me to remember). So, the What An Animal Reading Challenge V will still end in February, so if you haven’t completed it, you still have time. However, for anyone who wants to start the next animal reading challenge, What An Animal Reading Challenge VI will begin on January 1st. Read on for more details…

The rules are really simple…

  1. Read at least 6 books that have any of the following requirements:
    1. there is an animal in the title of the book
    2. there is an animal on the cover of the book
    3. an animal plays a major role in the book
    4. a main character is (or turns into) an animal (define that however you’d like).
  2. The animal can be any type of animal (real or fictitious)–dog, cat, monkey, wolf, snake, insect, hedgehog, aardvark…dragon, mermaid, centaur, vampire, werewolf…you get the idea…
  3. Challenge runs from Januar 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. That’s a full year to read at least 6 books (you can read more if you’d like).
  4. Books can be fiction or nonfiction.
  5. You may make a list of books at the beginning of the challenge or you can just list them as you find them.
  6. Book titles may be swapped out at anytime (assuming you made a list to begin with).
  7. Crossovers with other challenges are permitted and encouraged.
  8. You don’t have to have a blog or write a review, but you can if you want to.
 If you don’t have a blog, just post in the comment section that you’d like to join. You can post your books in there.
  9. Books can be in any format of your choice (print, audio, ebooks)

If you’d like to sign up, please use Mr. Linky below. I’m going to keep this challenge sign up here instead of using the What an Animal Reading Challenge blog I started last year. It’s easier for me to keep them all here.

There will be one linky to sign up, one linky for completed reviews and one linky for completed challenge wrap up posts.

What An Animal Reading Challenge VI 2013

What An Animal Reading Challenge VI 2013

Occasionally Important Information:

"Goosebumps: Welcome to Dead House" by R.L. Stine
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