“Pop Travel” by Tara Tyler

Tuesday, October 06, 2015 - Book Reading
“Pop Travel” by Tara Tyler

About the book:

Genre: Science-Fiction, Mystery
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Release: July 6, 2013
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In 2080, technology has gone too far for J. L. Cooper. He thinks he can avoid pop travel teleportation, until he stumbles onto a video of a pop traveler who turns to dust.

Sparking a series of murders, attempts on his life, and threats to his brother, Cooper wants to pass off the evidence but knows he’s being watched and can’t trust anyone. And who would believe him?

With help from the neurotic genius “Creator” of pop travel and a beautiful Southern charmer, Cooper must expose the deadly glitch and shut it down or die trying. No problem.

"Pop Travel" by Tara Tyler

“Pop Travel” by Tara Tyler

About the author:

Tara Tyler started out as a math teacher. After having a hand in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering and living up and down the Eastern US, she now writes and teaches in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband.

Currently, she has two series, The Cooper Chronicles (techno-thriller detective capers) and Beast World (MG fantasy) She’s an adventure writer who believes every good story should have a moral, plus a few laughs.

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Tara Tyler

Tara Tyler

My review:

Having previously lost his wife to a plane crash, Private Investigator Jameson Layton Cooper left his life as a lawyer for a quieter life in a small town where he takes jobs as small as finding a lost dog under a dumpster.  His brother Dawson, upon learning that his campaign team had kept Cooper and his trouble away from him while running for Congress, found him in a homeless shelter.  He had lost everything due to his guilt after losing his wife; he blamed himself for talking her into taking the plane instead of the new pop travel that instantly transports you to wherever you’re going.  Dawson helped him out to the point of setting him up with his house, which doubles as his office, and checks in on him faithfully.

The story opens with Sarah Johansen struggling to get to a meeting in spite of a monstrous migraine while ignoring the doctor’s advice to cut down on pop traveling.  Headaches and nosebleeds are two of the symptoms that your pop travel trips are about to get a bit more dangerous.  Sarah, along with many other pop travelers, feel rejuvenated after popping; I imagine it is likely due to the sedatives given before the process.  This pop, though, is going to be Sarah’s last.  Once the receiving machine tells the technician that Sara has been reconstructed, she opens the door to a very sparkly surprise and no Sarah.  Based on other information in the book, I think she is the first disappearance/death from pop travel.

About two years later, a Jonathan Phisner contacts Cooper to get his help in finding his missing fiancée Aleesa Kingston.  He tells Cooper that she popped a lot for her work and that one day she never made it to her destination, never called, and never came home.  The police didn’t care, so Phisner started looking into the disappearance himself.  He also mentions to Cooper that two years ago Aleesa’s cousin Sarah disappeared the same way, but that about two weeks after she vanished her mother found a suicide note but never a body.  Phisner is being followed, is extremeley paranoid (with good reason), and ends up being killed for contacting Cooper.  The conversation with Phisner, though, lets us learn a lot about the world of 2080.  For example, government has 100% access to cameras everywhere and all public places are required to have webcams linked to the quarknet.  Basically, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you’re on camera and that camera is accessible – without a warrant – by the government.

Cooper takes the case of finding out what happened to Phisner’s fiancée, and all the others who have mysteriously disappeared while popping over the past two years.  Part of him wants to alleviate his guilt of talking his wife into take a plane that crashed instead of popping while another part wants to help out the little guy.  Cooper has a history with Pop Travel International back from when he was a lawyer, which is how Phisner found him, but suing a company for monopolizing airports is a big leap from accusing them of covering up a lethal glitch in their system.

Cooper is quickly on the FBI’s radar when his search strings were flagged in relation to having been contacted by Phisner, already on their radar.  When a sexy FBI agent is assigned to find out what he’s got, things get even more interesting.  There’s a secret tunnel, a global chase, and plenty of interesting and entertaining characters.  All in all, this was a delightful soft-sci-fi detective story set in the not-too-distant future with a version of Big Brother that, quite frankly, gives me chills.  I can easily see our world ending up like this and it terrifies me.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars because it kept me reading and made me think about the future of our privacy laws in addition to the potential teleportation travel that will one day exist.  Maybe not in our lifetime, but we are getting to that point.  I did come across one error that yanked me out of the story momentarily, but nothing that totally ruined the story.

About Curiosity Quills Press:

Curiosity Quills Press (CQ) is a small hybrid publishing company specializing in genre fiction of the highest quality. With 150+ titles in our catalog already and approximately 6 new books coming out each month, there’s never a dull moment at CQ. We work with major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Audible to ensure that you, the reader, can find whatever you are looking for at your convenience.

Founded in 2011 by Eugene Teplitsky and Lisa Gus, CQ was initially a resource portal for writing and publishing, created in an effort to help writers, like themselves, survive the publishing industry. After rapid success, CQ morphed into publishing press that over time has solidified its share in the market. Now we spend our days searching for the next great escape!

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Curiosity Quills Press

Curiosity Quills Press


This book was provided to me by the publisher Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review.  Please see my FTC Disclosure page for full disclosure.

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