“Modern Girl’s Guide to Friends With Benefits” by Gina Drayer

Friday, December 04, 2015 - Book Reading
“Modern Girl’s Guide to Friends With Benefits” by Gina Drayer

About the book:

Genre: romance
Date of Release: December 1, 2015
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Megan and Peter have been friends since high school. Best friends. The exact nature of their relationship has always been a source of gossip, but through the years they’ve always kept it platonic. Until one snowy night in Vail that changed everything.

A Friends With Benefits arrangement could be the best of both worlds. With sizzling passion and a strong bond, what could go wrong?

This is the THIRD book in the Modern Girl’s Guide series. While Friends with Benefits is a STANDALONE romance with a HEA, there are returning character from early books (expect spoilers).

"Modern Girl's Guide to Friends With Benefits" by Gina Drayer

“Modern Girl’s Guide to Friends With Benefits” by Gina Drayer

About the author:

Author. Book lover. UberGeek.

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Gina Drayer

Gina Drayer

My review:

Warning: Some spoilers may be included!

Another book from Gina Drayer that just would not let me put it down!  For those of you that know me, I’m not big on romance books – I got my fill of them very early on thanks to an aunt that gave me a huge garbage bag filled to the brim with romance books.  Sometimes, though, there’s a romance novel (or series, in this case) that just begs to be read again and again!

Modern Girl Tip #5 Emotional Maturity Required: A Modern Girl understands what kind of a relationship she’s getting into right from the start. You’re not looking for a happy ever after. You’re just looking for a satisfying ending. In order for that to happen, you need to be in a healthy place emotionally.

Megan is stubborn, independent, and not looking for a man to rescue her – just one to help her out a bit in bed.  She doesn’t want a relationship or anything complicated and she is quite sure that she and her best friend Peter can figure out an arrangement.

Peter doesn’t exactly date, but sleeps around when he has time to pick up a woman while out.  He doesn’t want or have time for a girlfriend, but he isn’t too keen on having a friends with benefits arrangement with his best friend.  It doesn’t help that Meg is also his friend and business partner’s little sister.

He underestimates his attraction to Meg, though, and after Meg manages to get a trial run on her birthday trip, Peter finds he cannot stop thinking about her in his bed.  Due to miscommunication, Peter thinks Meg is no longer interested, but still asks her about the arrangement after Christmas with his family and getting snowed in at her house.  There’s some back and forth throughout the book, of course, but my absolute favorite bit is when Peter finds out Meg’s contractor Connor is gay.

“You bought tickets for his… What?”

“Your contractor. Connor and his boyfriend? But he doesn’t act—”

And then Meg’s best response ever and the only response that should ever matter when someone is jealous of another man/woman being friendly with the person you’re interested in and/or dating.

“Because it didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. You should have trusted me.”

I love Meg.  She’s a badass and doesn’t care what people think.  Peter is pretty awesome and when shit hits the fan, his first thought is of Megan and I can totally get behind that.  Oh, and Meg is a writer.  Did I forget that?  Within the book, she’s a writer and she writes erotic stories.  Best selling erotic stories.  She’s also a college professor, but her real income is from her writing.  She’s amazing.  And that shit that hits the fan?  It only boosts her career as a writer.  She’s so cool!

This book deserves all 5.0 out of 5.0 stars and maybe even a few bonus stars.  I actually let my kindle get drenched in the rain because the morning it came out I started reading it and the drive to work was too long.  WIthdrawals.  As soon as I parked, I was powering up the kindle and reading while trying to get out of the truck with my stuff.  It took me almost fifteen minutes (in pouring rain) to get inside because I could not stop reading.  By the way, that epilogue.  I’m dead.

So when is Kim’s book coming out?!  She’s next for the Modern Girl’s Guide book series and I absolutely cannot wait!  Kim’s book will be educational, I’m sure!

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