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I am 31 years old!  I’m the oldest of four children.  My parents are still happily married to each other and have every intention of staying that way.  :-p  I come from a very large and somewhat close extended family. I am fairly strange, and while I may seem a bit random to the average person, I’m usually not.  I know exactly how I got to a certain conclusion, result, or thought, it’s just almost impossible to explain it to “normal” people!  I’m very smart (no offense meant to the dumb people that I know are out there) and I love learning new things.

Major Pet Peeve

I hate chatspeak, misspellings, and improper grammar.  If you do choose to participate in a conversation on this site, please do so in proper English.  I can understand a few mistakes, but I honestly cannot understand a message that is filled with:

som ppl jst hav n rSpect 4 d eng lngwij & wiL uz NE chaNc 2 dstroi it. DIS sort of tng driVz me ^ d wall & shud not b tolerated.

Ugh, how annoying is that?!  I actually had to find a website that would translate normal text into that garbage.  I used transL8it! and if I hadn’t written the original message, I would have no clue what that says.  As it is, even knowing what it is supposed to say, I still have trouble deciphering it!  On the other hand, though, I love smiley faces!  ;-)

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Red Harvey

Hi there!

I found your email by looking at reviews on Amazon. Due to your love of indie writers, I hoped you’d check out my latest sci-fi novel, Daughter of Zeus.


The future can be a terrifying prospect, especially when Ada Freyr discovers she can manipulate electricity. Ada is grief-stricken when her abilities result in the death of her husband and terrified of being discovered by the Prominent-run State. Unusual citizens are labeled Undesirable, and are never seen again.

Ada drives to Atlanta, intent on finding her father. She blames everything that’s happened on him, and vows to kill him for ruining her life. However, once Ada meets her father, she realizes he’s no longer the alcoholic she remembers: he’s now a Congressman with a family and a new name, ready for a Senator’s seat.

Ada’s scheme lands her on the Undesirable list, leads a stranger to stalk her, and stunts her relationship with her siblings. Soon, she has to decide which is more important: a vendetta, or forgiveness.


    Alysha DeShaé

    Hi Red,

    That book does sound interesting! I have a bit of a backlog that I’m working through right now (with the holidays intruding on my reading time, it’s getting tough), but I did add it to my to-read list and will almost definitely give it a go! Thank you for letting me know about it!

Dave Neuendorf


Please consider reading and reviewing my first fantasy novel, The Summoned King, available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions. If you commit to an honest review, I’ll gladly provide a free review copy of the Kindle edition.

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