Guys Realm Beard Comb
Guys Realm Beard Combs!!
So… I have four coupon codes for this fancy shmancy beard comb on Amazon.  The code will allow you to purchase the beard comb on Saturday or Sunday [...]
Litter Comparison: Tidy Cats -vs- Special Kitty
As I’m sure you know if you have been on my site before, or checked out my facebook or twitter, my husband and I have four cats.  This means we use a [...]
We’ve been busy, busy, busy!
Jaime and I have been super busy with buying a house. O_o  A house?! Yep, a house!  :-D We’re really excited!  We found an adorable little house [...]
How doth the little … What?!
So, surely, all of us know (or have heard) the little poem from Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.  Few of us know that it is a parody of a real poem.  [...]
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
There are a few spoilers in this post if you want to watch it first. So, I watched the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” last night [...]
Twilight: New Moon
Jaime and I went to a 12:30a showing of New Moon at the Rave off of O’Neal Lane.  It was awesome!! First, the theater was full of little teenagers [...]
My iTunes
So, iTunes has these nifty widgets that I finally decided to share.  The first one shows you which items I’ve reviewed – although I wish it [...]
Punch Bug!
Everyone knows what a Volkswagen Beetle is.  It’s a very distinctive looking car driven by sadists.  The newer models are typically driven by females [...]
♪ So fresh, so green! ♫
So, I came across this interesting site about a month or so ago.  I don’t really remember what I was looking for, but a recipe for a “sugar [...]
YouTube > TV
Okay, so I watch YouTube more often than I watch TV.  I suppose this isn’t too much of a shock because I know lots of people who do that.  However, [...]