Happy Easter
Happy Zombie Jesus Day!
Okay…  We all know that I’m Atheist.  However, I do still celebrate Christmas, Easter, and a few other religious holidays.  I guess this is [...]
I'm Crazy
Crazy Minute
So, I’m going to have a crazy minute to complain about things that I really don’t need to complain about… For example.  Jaime and I [...]
Penis Not Allowed
Penis Not Allowed
So, I watched a movie on netflix a little earlier.  It was an adorable movie called “A Monkey’s Tale” and I highly recommend it! However, [...]
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween, people!  How’s your day? You haven’t heard much from me lately other than some iffy book reviews…  (Don’t blame [...]
Fake Support Forum
Spam Hate-Comments
Okay, this is just awesome!  In my spam comments, which I always skim through in case something got sorted in by mistake, I found this on a recipe for [...]
Random Gross Rhyme
Pick, pick, pick, pick your nose, nose, nose; Pick it high, high, high; Pick it low, low, low. Finger do not linger near my nose – there it goes! Ah, [...]
Finally Done
Whoo-hoo!! I’m DONE! I did the last updates on my dad’s KC site and now he can find someone else to do it. I’m finished! Now all I need [...]
So, in spite of my plans for several posts, I haven’t done any. :-( I have an excuse, I swear! And it’s a good one, too! We’ve been [...]
Yanno? Ya, inno!
Okay, so, I’ve been preoccupied with many different things. Mostly just spending time with people I love, though. However, I recently came across a [...]
Happy Thanksgiving!
Today is Thanksgiving. I’m spending the day with family and loved ones and all that stuff. I’m not big on the whole “giving thanks” [...]
WordPress for BlackBerry Test
This is a test. This is only a test! Do not be alarmed. I repeat: this is ONLY a TEST! Haha! :-) I’m testing a new application for my BlackBerry. [...]
I fail . . .
So, as of right now, I have five posts in various stages of readiness.  Two of them are parts of my fairy tale, one is a CD post, and the other two are [...]
Um, oops?!
So, about two seconds ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about, but I forgot.  I just got back from my cousin’s wedding!  It was beautiful, [...]
Punch Bug!
Everyone knows what a Volkswagen Beetle is.  It’s a very distinctive looking car driven by sadists.  The newer models are typically driven by females [...]
I almost always have bruises.  It’s a common thing when you’re a klutz and bruise easily.  I’m used to them and, if you ask my mom, my [...]