Site Plans

Twilight "Blech"
I always do this…
I say I’m going to start posting more often, and then I disappear again after remodeling my lovely site. I have been posting reviews.  Not nearly as [...]
Keep Calm, Work in Progress
It’s been a while…
Since I could hold my head up high. And it’s been a while since I first saw you. It’s been a little over a year since my last update to this [...]
No more auto-posts…
So I am getting rid of the Google+ Importer plugin that I had allowed to run on my site and import all my public G+ posts.  I probably would have kept it [...]
Woo! I did it!
I also, quite literally, just hollered so loud that I scared all three cats.  o_O My website is finally transferred completely over!  Well, with the [...]
Web Hosting
New Web Host
Friday is the day I switch web hosts!  Woot! I’m most likely moving over to PowWeb this weekend.  Hopefully it will be a good thing, especially [...]
Vacation, maybe?
For the time being, this site is on vacation. And I don’t mean that I’m getting to take a fun vacation and play in a pool all day.  Just that [...]
Read the Bible 2012
Linky Problems…
Well, it seems as though the linky I was using for the Read the Bible 2012 challenge has disappeared from the web.  :-/ It’s been replaced with some [...]
Google really can do everything!
GooglePlus but no book reviews?
I know.  I’ve been on top of my reviews for a while and the last week has been sketchy.  There won’t be one this morning, either, but [...]
Technorati… 59X7GR3J4X82
59X7GR3J4X82 Well, in trying to get a new plugin working (hopefully it will) I’m posting this simply to give them the new post that they need with [...]
Maxine on Organizing
Some site organization…
I just spent a few hours trying to organize things behind the scenes about.  I’ve noticed that I have an insane number of tags because I have a bad [...]
… a new twitter plug-in. I’m hoping “Simple Twitter Status Updates” works better than “Auto Twitter” which uses the [...]
New Theme
So, I’m trying out a new theme. Obviously, right, I mean, that’s the title of the post!  :-p Anyways, this theme isn’t “mine” [...]
So, in spite of my plans for several posts, I haven’t done any. :-( I have an excuse, I swear! And it’s a good one, too! We’ve been [...]
Yanno? Ya, inno!
Okay, so, I’ve been preoccupied with many different things. Mostly just spending time with people I love, though. However, I recently came across a [...]
WordPress for BlackBerry Test
This is a test. This is only a test! Do not be alarmed. I repeat: this is ONLY a TEST! Haha! :-) I’m testing a new application for my BlackBerry. [...]