Site Plans

New Contributors!
It is my happy pleasure to announce that a new contributor will be joining the site.  His name his MidNite and you’ve seen him here before; not as an [...]
I fail . . .
So, as of right now, I have five posts in various stages of readiness.  Two of them are parts of my fairy tale, one is a CD post, and the other two are [...]
Administrator Jaime and New Theme
So, I just made my bestest friend in the whole widest world and administrator on the site.  Not that I need someone to help me administrate it or anything, [...]
♫ Happy Birthday to me! ♪
25 years ago. Thursday, April 12, 1984 at 10:55a. After giving my mother countless hours of hell, I finally made my entrance into the world. This [...]
You’ve reached nowhere!
This website is under construction! It will be “released” on my 25th birthday – better known as Easter Sunday!