Thoughtful Thursday

Loud TV
TV Sounds…
This is a common issue with TV shows, both older and newer shows.  For some reason, the soundtrack of the shows is always a lot louder than the dialogues.  [...]
Ren's Rotten Teeth
Lately I’ve been having random dreams.  A few weeks ago I dreamed my teeth were falling out and that I had fake ones.  Last night I dreamed that a [...]
The Big Bang Theory
It all started with a Big Bang!
So, I’ve been catching up on “The Big Bang Theory” recently.  That means I started with season one, episode one and am now on season [...]
Epicurus Quote
An Atheist Reads the Bible
So, it’s really not all that unusual for an Atheist to read the Bible.  I know plenty of us who have.  I think it probably is a little unusual that [...]
Anonymous, SOPA, PIPA, MegaUpload, and AirDroid
So, today is Thoughtful Thursday…  You know, one of those new day memes that I’m going to use to try to post a little more regularly.  So, what [...]