The Bride, the Groom, and How They Met

About the Bride:

Halo by Haley James Scott
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Alysha DeShaé Babineaux is the oldest daughter of Carol Ann Chidester Babineaux and the adoptive daughter of Anthony Keith Babineaux. She grew up in Prairieville, Louisiana and graduated from East Ascension High School in 2002. Alysha will (hopefully) be a housewife and run an in-home daycare. Some of her hobbies are reading, running her website, and picking on Jaime!

About the Groom:

Stand Inside Your Love by Smashing Pumpkins
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Jaime Paul Terry is the oldest son of Percy and Christy Terry. He was born and raised in LaPlace, Louisiana but his family moved to Gonzales, Louisiana while he was in middle school. He graduated from East Ascension High School in 2001 and has an Associate’s degree in business from River Parishes Community College. He works for Industrial Specialty Contractors LLC (ISC) as a journeyman electrician and is continuing his education at Associated Builders and Contractors for electrical and instrumentation. For fun, Jaime is active in the RC car community, plays World of Warcraft occasionally, tinkers with Chevy trucks, and drives Alysha insane!

How They Met:

At the Beginning by Donna Lewis and Richard Marx
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Jaime and Alysha met during the 1999-2000 school year: her sophomore year and his junior year. He asked her to go to the homecoming dance with him, and Alysha said yes. A few days later, however, Jaime canceled because of a conflict with family plans. By the time he realized that the dance and the family event were on different days, Alysha had already accepted another date.

Not too long after that, Jaime called Alysha and asked if she would go to a movie with him. Her parents wouldn’t allow her to see the movie he had chosen, but because of miscommunication, Jaime was under the impression that she wasn’t allowed to date at all. He began seeing another girl shortly after.

However, in spring, Jaime handed Alysha a piece of paper filled with the words “I love you.” That was the beginning of their relationship. From February 24, 2000, to the end of that school year, Jaime and Alysha were happily and madly in love.

Unfortunately, circumstances outside their control broke them apart, but they never actually broke up. They went their separate ways, occasionally crossing paths, but never anything beyond passing hellos and general friendliness. Until, August 20, 2008… Jaime sent Alysha an email.

That was a new beginning for their friendship. They talked about everything, from family to music, about the future and the past, her failed relationships, and his failing marriage. Alysha would give Jaime a girl’s perspective on problems with his ex-wife to help them work things out. Jaime gave Alysha confidence to try a new relationship after all the heartbreak she’d been through. Eventually, Jaime and Alysha’s relationship grew stronger; they became best friends and started speaking more frequently on the phone and then started hanging out on a regular basis. He would even surprise her with “sneak attacks” on AIM when he was at work.

In July of 2009, after two years of trying to salvage his marriage, Jaime had finally decided that it was better for him and his ex-wife to go their separate ways. Shortly after he moved out and was separated from his ex-wife, Jaime and Alysha started dating again. It was obvious to everyone that they were meant to be together and always had been.

Never Knew I Needed by Ne-Yo
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