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Music Files

All music files, unless otherwise stated, are copyright of the artists’ and their prospective labels.  All music files, unless otherwise stated, are uploaded in Mp3 format with a quality of 32kbps or lower.  For those non-technical or computer savvy peoples, this quality is really only suitable for ringtones or for allowing others to preview the song on your website.  :-D

I use the µAudio plugin to create a little mini-flash player so that you can listen to the songs that I have uploaded and to make it a teeny bit more difficult for the average user to download the files.

Social Icons

G+ Heart – from hamzahamo at deviantART.

Others – from Cylax5 at deviantART.

Me and Everything Else!

I’m sure it goes without saying (even though it’s marked at the bottom of every page) that all my thoughts and junk are my own copyright.  You know, since it is my site and all!  :-p

All copyright notices will be added here as needed.

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