FTC Disclosure

This site is written and edited by me, Alysha DeShaé.  Others may occasionally contribute a post or two, but they will also comply with FTC guidelines.

I am willing to accept certain forms of advertising including but not limited to affiliate links and third party ad networks.  (The Zazzle ads go to my Zazzle store, so that’s not really third party.)  I will also accept, keep, and possibly use free products, services, travel, event tickets, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations.  None of this will compromise or influence any reviews I may write.

I will try my best to identify all advertisements – although it should be pretty easy to see them.  Just sayin’.  O_o

I cannot guarantee that I will never post something presenting a conflict of interest.  I’m sure that I’ve already done so, but considering the fact that I often contradict myself as I travel through life, I would say that this is something to be expected and it will probably not be labeled or identified in any way as a conflict of interest because it’s quite possible that I won’t even realize it!  Also, I’m sure that the FTC meant something completely different in regards to “conflict of interest” but I think my response is still applicable.

I will never claim to be an expert at anything, not even at being myself; I’m still an amateur.  What I will claim, though, is that I dabble in a lot of random things and I will write about anything I find interesting – including cat litter.  I will give you my honest opinions and thoughts about everything and I will try my hardest to be unbiased.  My site isn’t called “Neutrally Opinionated (indifference innovated)” for nothing!

Specifically for Book Reviews:

I occasionally receive ARCs (advanced reading copies) from publishers or authors.  I would love more, though, so ship ’em on over!  Most of my books are from the library, borrowed from a friend, a gift, sent to me from a bookmooch user, or bought by me in a traditional bookstore, on, or as an ebook somewhere online.

Regardless of how I happen to get the book, nothing will bias my review.  I try to point out something good and something bad at the end of every book review I do.  Even on the best books, there’s always something bad to stick in my “worst” section and in the worst books there’s also something to put in the “best” section even if it’s just the cover art.


To take a leaf out of another blogger’s disclosure page, please assume the following with all product reviews, recommendations, and links:

  1. A friend of mine gave or loaned me the product for free.
  2. Someone involved in profiting from the product gave me the product for free.
  3. I have or had a relationship with someone involved in profiting from the product.
  4. Someone gave me free stuff.
  5. I have stock in the company.
  6. Someone bought me a meal.
  7. I was paid.

Odds are, none of the above will be true, but assume it anyway to make sure that I’m FTC compliant!

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