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"The Guard: A Selection Novella" by Kierra Cass
“The Guard: A Selection Novella” by Kierra Cass
I don’t really like Aspen. I actually liked him more before I read “his version” so to speak. He comes across as selfish to the point [...]
"The Sandman and the War of Dreams" by William Joyce
“The Sandman and the War of Dreams” by William Joyce
While I’m not a huge fan of the name ManSnoozy, I do love how epic the Sandman truly is. And the story of Pitch and his real daughter? That was [...]
"Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies" by William Joyce
“Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies” by William Joyce
I did not expect to like Toothiana’s back story as much as I did! Yes, we already know that I watched the movie first… Therefore, based on the [...]
"E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core" by William Joyce
“E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth’s Core” by William Joyce
This is the best version of the Easter Bunny I’ve ever come across, hands down. I especially love his warriors. Pitch, the Nightmare King, and his [...]
"Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King" by William Joyce
“Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King” by William Joyce
This was an amazingly imaginative new take on Santa and his mythology. This is definitely a book I’ll be saving for my future children and [...]
“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Be My Valentine” by Brian Houlihan
“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Be My Valentine” by Brian Houlihan
Super cute and my four-year-old niece loved it. She kept pressing the button that makes the kissing noise, though, and exclaiming that there’s no one [...]
"How Do I Love You?" by P.K. Hallinan
“How Do I Love You?” by P.K. Hallinan
This is adorable! How Do I Love You? Let me count the ways…from this familiar beginning comes a new love poem, from parent to child. This touching [...]
"Glitch" by Heather Anastasiu
“Glitch” by Heather Anastasiu
There were a lot of things I liked about this book: the underground society, the mind control, the Link, the ports in the backs of the necks, and the [...]
"A Study in Scarlet" by Arthur Conan Doyle
“A Study in Scarlet” by Arthur Conan Doyle
Quite enjoyable. I have always been a fan of the idea of Sherlock Holmes (having only put my hands on the few abridged books in my middle school library [...]
"Ambush" by Obert Skye
“Ambush” by Obert Skye
Absolutely wonderful ending to the trilogy. I didn’t completely suspect the “twist” but it wasn’t a total shock. I was disappointed [...]
"Choke" by Obert Skye
“Choke” by Obert Skye
While I didn’t necessarily like the solution, I did very much enjoy the book. So much so that I can even see a theme! It’s something to the [...]
"Epic of Gilgamesh"
“The Epic of Gilgamesh”
Well, this might be a bit more enjoyable if I understood more of it. The introduction I read was helpful, but I still couldn’t glean much meaning [...]
"Pillage" by Obert Skye
“Pillage” by Obert Skye
This book was fantastic. My main reason for picking this one was the dragon on the cover (I’m a sucker for dragons – blame Anne McCaffrey) and [...]
"Reached" by Ally Condie
“Reached” by Ally Condie
Four stars for not disappointing me, and the fifth star was mostly withheld for: 1. not doing anything truly unpredictable …..(note: Unpredictable [...]
"Crossed" by Ally Condie
“Crossed” by Ally Condie
I actually upped my rating by a star after rereading this. I still do not like the changing perspective and I still think that Ky and Cassia have to [...]