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Happy Easter
Happy Zombie Jesus Day!
Okay…  We all know that I’m Atheist.  However, I do still celebrate Christmas, Easter, and a few other religious holidays.  I guess this is [...]
Epicurus Quote
An Atheist Reads the Bible
So, it’s really not all that unusual for an Atheist to read the Bible.  I know plenty of us who have.  I think it probably is a little unusual that [...]
Beliefs as an Atheist
Yes, I’m an atheist.  If you’ve been around for a while you probably already know that.  However, it’s difficult to convey my beliefs [...]
Google really can do everything!
GooglePlus but no book reviews?
I know.  I’ve been on top of my reviews for a while and the last week has been sketchy.  There won’t be one this morning, either, but [...]
Word of the Day – Catheist
An atheist who has no animosity to the Catholic Church and plans to raise his/her children as Catholics until they are old enough to make their own [...]