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"The Goat Children" by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
“The Goat Children” by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
About the book: THE GOAT CHILDREN, BY JORDAN ELIZABETH MIEREK Genre: contemperary, young adult Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press Date of Release: March 25, [...]
Rambling Thoughts
My Rambling Autobiography
Inspired by the few I’ve discovered through various means, I’ve chosen to do my own rambling autobiography.  Be scared…  Also, if [...]
My Bio-Fat
Bio-Fat = Biological Father = Dalton Joseph Marchand, Junior I’m not sure when I shortened the term “biological father” to [...]
How would you cope?
Warning: This post contains sensitive and possibly controversial issues.  If you are easily offended or purposefully take offense at things that have [...]
Finally Done
Whoo-hoo!! I’m DONE! I did the last updates on my dad’s KC site and now he can find someone else to do it. I’m finished! Now all I need [...]
Hectic Days
So, the last few days have been kind of hectic!  On Thursday, my sister went for a check-up and while I’m not sure about the details, the doctor [...]
Yay, PhpGedView!! Wait, what?
Haha, okay, so some people may know what PhpGedView is, but most people will see some random letters and say that I’m speaking Geek.  Which is [...]
Easter Pictures
That title is misleading.  I fully intend to post random pictures from the last few days, not just Easter.  :-p  So, let’s get started! **Psst.  [...]