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FlashBack Challenge 2010 Wrap-Up
The Flashback Challenge will run from January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010. If you’re super-excited and want to reread a book before that, feel [...]
Inkheart Trilogy and “The Thief Lord”
I love Cornelia Funke!  She’s an amazing author and reading her books is always a blast! I have read the Inkheart trilogy many times before.  I [...]
Five H. G. Wells Books
A while back, I bought a small box-set of H. G. Wells’ books.  It included five of his more well-known science fiction books.  All five of them would [...]
“Next” and “Congo” by Michael Crichton
Next This book was fantastic, however, it seemed more like a collection of short stories that share a few characters than a novel.  It bounced around a lot [...]
The Elenium Trilogy by David Eddings
I have read The Elenium trilogy many, many times over the years.  I discovered it one day while I was in high school just wandering around the library.  I [...]
“The Lorax” and “Underwear!”
For the “re-read a favorite book from your childhood” mini-challenge for the Flashback Challenge (and since I’m doing the literati level [...]
“Septimus Heap” by Angie Sage
“Septimus Heap” is a fantasy series written by Angie Sage.  I’ve really enjoyed reading the five books that are out and I can’t [...]