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Happy Easter
Happy Zombie Jesus Day!
Okay…  We all know that I’m Atheist.  However, I do still celebrate Christmas, Easter, and a few other religious holidays.  I guess this is [...]
Chasing Cars Calligraphy Lyrics
We survived 2011!!
Today was not just the first day of 2012, but also mine and Jaime’s first anniversary! It was an interesting day.  We slept late, we watched a couple [...]
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween, people!  How’s your day? You haven’t heard much from me lately other than some iffy book reviews…  (Don’t blame [...]
Happy Memorial Day!
So, it’s what, the official start of summer, right?  The absolute worst time of year.  *cry* I hate summer time.  I hate the heat.  I hate the sun.  [...]
Happy Thanksgiving!
Today is Thanksgiving. I’m spending the day with family and loved ones and all that stuff. I’m not big on the whole “giving thanks” [...]