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Miss Crazy Cat Lady
Best Love Song Ever
So, these two song titles are a little goofy to me.  To me it’s like calling a restaurant “The Restaurant” instead of giving it a real [...]
Commercialized Love
Happy Valentine’s Day!
So it’s kind of late, but I hope everyone had an enjoyable commercialized love day. To celebrate, here’s the song I took my husband’s [...]
Rapunzel Lishy
Pumping Up Hardcore Style
Alright, here’s a cover of a song and song that I’m sure everyone has heard by now.  Both of these are currently on the “Stuck in my [...]
Bethany Joy Galeotti
Too tired to post…
It’s been a very long, very busy, and very tiring day… Due to that, “Tuesday Tunes” consists of this: Bethany Joy Galeotti: Feel [...]
That Butt Thing
The Bored Butt
We’re going to throw in something a little crazy this time!  How many of you have heard Cajun or Zydeco music?  Not nearly enough of you.  I was born [...]
I hate you, crush…
So, even though I missed my Friday book review on the 13th, I’m still trying to stay on top of keeping regular content flowing.  Therefore, in an [...]
Chunk and Minou
No reviews tomorrow, either…
Sorry this is late. I babysat for my sister after work and couldn’t find a working/charged/accessible computer at her place. But, I promised this [...]
I’m scared…
I feel kind of weird saying this, but… I’m scared about how close my wedding is. I’m not scared to get married.  As far as my heart is [...]
The Cardigans – “Don’t Blame Your Daughter”
I honestly can’t tell you what the writer was thinking when they wrote the song, but to me it means many things.  It can even mean different things [...]
Aaliyah – “4 Page Letter” and “If Your Girl Only Knew”
Today you get a two-for-one deal! That’s right, it’s a “buy one, get one free” kind of day! :-p These are my two favorite Aaliyah [...]
Skillet – “Monster”
Christian music? From an atheist?! What is the world coming to!?! Haha!  Okay, yes, Skillet is a Christian band, but this song is just awesome!  I found [...]
Dream – “He Loves You Not”
Soo…  I’ve been in a poppy mood lately.  Yesterday I woke up with the desire to listen to Savage Garden.  Not that there’s anything wrong [...]
Play – “I Must Not Chase the Boys”
This song is soo cute! And the wanna-be goth style of the video is just too cute. This is an older song, and it’s written specifically for younger [...]
Taylor Swift – “You Belong With Me”
I absolutely love this song!  I’ve been singing it all day and driving people nuts!  Taylor swift is insanely talented and so adorable, too!  I love [...]
P!nk – “Stupid Girls”
I came across this song on my iPod and remembered how much I love it, so I decided to share it here. Stupid people in general tick me off, and apparently [...]