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Super Stupor #4 by R.K. Milholland
This book is mostly about pedophiles, sex dolls, and pheromones. I’m just going to leave it at that… Oh, and there are two not-so-surprise [...]
Super Stupor #3 by R.K. Milholland
We learn a bit about alternate realities in this book. And we see a zombie fall in love and watch Rumble Bee team up with a not-quite enemy again. Pages: [...]
Super Stupor #2 by R.K. Milholland
Soo, there’s a little hanky-panky going on between enemies, some Mexican wrestling, and giant armed panda bear. If that isn’t enough to peak [...]
Super Stupor #1
Super Stupor #1 by R.K. Milholland
First of all, I love the opening page. Randy opens up with a horribly awesome joke, a red guy, a blue glowing man, and a green goblin thing. That one strip [...]
Super Stupor
Super Stupor
I feel as if I’ve been in a super stupor for the past few days. I’m lethargic, brain dead, and just sort of floating along. Last night was [...]