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Do Not Let Hate Enter
Reading vs Racism
I don’t normally talk about controversial issues with strangers. Or with family. Or with anyone, really. It’s too much of a headache and, [...]
Leeroy and His Bed
Trying out the Daybook
Outside my window… is a world that spins while I hide away in my library.  There are biting bugs, smelly people, and loud cars. I am thinking… [...]
42 Challenge 2011
Wrapped and Challenged
This past week I managed to post wrap-ups for all of my 2011 reading challenges as well as set up the basics of a challenge for me to host and joined two [...]
Rambling Thoughts
My Rambling Autobiography
Inspired by the few I’ve discovered through various means, I’ve chosen to do my own rambling autobiography.  Be scared…  Also, if [...]
Read a book!
How to Read
This post is inspired by a reply to one of my comments on a youtube video.  I watched a video a few months ago entitled “How Many Books Will You Read [...]