The Fairy Tale

The kingdom was in a state of turmoil after the loss of their beloved Princess and her Protector.  The Era of Love had passed with them to the Land of the Dead.  The new rulers of the land called themselves the Salvation.  The commoners, however, referred to them as the Scourge.  They were a cruel pair and eager to erase all memory of the good rulers who came before them.

They targeted the Bards.  Tracking down and destroying them, one by one.  Many of the Bards went into hiding to save themselves and the stories that they carried.  Worried about the very real risk of losing the tales so precious to their world, the Bards began transcribing them in a code only they could decipher.

They produced six copies of each tale to store in secure locations scattered across the land.  Five of the strongest Bards were sent out bring their encoded archives they carried safely to the hidden destinations.  The sixth copy, however, was secreted into the tomb of the Princess and her Protector.  The Protector, so in love with his Princess, refused to be separated from her even in death and they lay entwined for eternity on a raised stone platform in the very center of the tomb.

Generations passed before the Rhodimai, descendants of the Princess and her Protector, were able to rid their kingdom of the Scourge and bring the land back into an age of peace and prosperity.  When they finally succeeded, they also discovered the sixth set of tales held lovingly by the Princess.  With her Protector wrapped around her and no evidence of decay, the Rhodimai believed for a time that they had returned from the Land of the Dead.

The truth, however, was that the force of their love continued on even after they had left their bodies.  Their love, so strong and powerful, had physically defied the Hand of Death preserving their bodies for all time.

The Rhodimai removed the sixth set of tales from the tomb for a short period of time.  Not knowing about the other five, the Rhodimai had a seventh set of copies made before they returned the sixth set to the tomb.  Out of respect, the tomb was then sealed and the Princess and her Protector were left to enjoy their eternal rest.

As the Rhodimai began the process of translating the tales, they uncovered some of the most wondrous stories.  Tales that were too important to keep from the kingdom.  As each tale was translated, the Rhodimai made countless copies and sent them to every corner of the kingdom for everyone to hear and learn.

In the very heart of the kingdom, the Rhodimai built a large library and included an archive of every translated tale.  This is the most recent addition to that archive and it has been made available to the world so that the stories of the kingdom will live on forever!

The Bards’ Archives:
Still in Translation:

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